Zug, Switzerland, 29. June 2016

Semedy AG announced today the new release of sem.reasoner v2.2 – an outstanding product combining big data and rule-based reasoning. sem.reasoner allows to store huge amounts of information in its embedded triple store. Latest benchmarks confirmed more than 22.6 billion triples loaded into sem.reasoner. On top of this triple store rule-based reasoning provides the means to analyze the data, trigger alarms or infer new knowledge out of the stored data.

The new sem.reasoner v2.2 allows faster data loading by parallelization technology and a drastic reduction of disc space requirements due to compression algorithms. Also action rules ease the use of stream-reasoning thus enabling to trigger alarms based on rule patterns detected in huge data streams. In the advent of the "internet of things" sem.reasoner is an ideal tool for collecting all data coming from different sources drawing intelligent conclusions.